Funeral Agency Karizma - Bulgaria

Funeral Agency Karizma offers complete organizing funerals, cremations, memorial services, transportation of deceased, sanitary preparation of the deceased, embalming. The Bulgarian Funeral Agency offers all funeral goods and attributes - coffins, crosses, pyramids, wheat breads, obituaries, wreaths, plaintive and others.

We are Karizma 2004 Ltd, funeral agency more than 10 years experience in this field - burial and funeral services. We are a member of the Union of the Funeral Companies in Bulgaria, the National Member of FIAT-IFTA.

In FA Karizma 2004 Sofia have qualified staff and specialized transport for repatriation to / from home and abroad.

We guarantee a professional, personal and dignified 24 hour service from your first call until after the funeral.

You can trust us - Funeral agency Karizma
Message from Funeral Agency Karizma 2004

When you go from the mundane world
your relative or friend
do not let the grief
to conquer your mind.
We know from personal experience that it is
very difficult to achieve
so feel free to
trust in our professionalism and
years of experience.
And not only that.
With pride we can say
that all who work
the agency "Karizma"
work with heart and
human respect are our priority.

Sincerely: Yordan Georgiev
/Funeral Agency Karizma Manager/


Luxury and ordinary drapes and sets for coffin
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Funeral crosses от ПА Каризма 2004
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Catering out funeral agency Karizma
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Urns, urn caskets, urn plates
UrnsFuneral agency Karizma offers Urns from 70 to 700 BGN. The price urn depends on the size and material of which it is made - wood, PVC, ceramic, marble, metal ...
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Ordinary and luxurious coffins
CoffinsFuneral agency Karizma offers coffins of plywood, chipboard, MDF, wood, including pine, oak, etc., with prices from 70 to 2400 levs - ordinary, standard and ...
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Funeral wreaths

Funeral wreaths, funeral bouquets and Piaflora
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