Funeral Agency Karizma - Bulgaria


19 Bademova gora str.

+359 2 958 93 49
+359 888 99 37 94 and +359 878 90 12 90

Funeral Agency Karizma - Sofia

Funeral Agency Karizma performs the following funeral services - full organize funerals, cremation, repatriation and preparation of the deceased, embalming sale of funeral goods and attributes such as crosses, pyramids, wheat breads, obituaries, wreaths and more. FA Karizma 2004 Лтд has its own transport for the country and abroad.

Contact us! We are loyal to our customers! We have extensive experience and NOT take advantage of the situation! Work with heart and human respect is our priority!

Sincerely: Yordan Georgiev
/Funeral Agency Karizma Manager/


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We have more than 10 years experience in this field, qualified staff and specialized transport for repatriation to / from home and abroad. We provide services primarily to Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, and other.