Funeral with Karizma funeral agency Sofia

Funeral with Karizma funeral agency Sofia
Overall organization of the funeral

Karizma Funeral Agency is wholly arranging funerals securing free graves. We have luxury hearse and transported mourners specialized transport.

Funeral agency Karizma Bulgaria, Sofia

Necessary documents for funeral

- Announcement of death ascertainment of doctor
- If your close to you dies in hospital, the message is issued by the attending physician in the appropriate ward.
- Identity card or passport of the deceased

For a funeral in the old burial site require the following documents:

- Receipt for paid burial site with which to understand who is the owner of the tomb
(If no such, agency can track the burial place)

Documents proving the relationship with the owner of the tomb
(Certificate of inheritance)
- If the deceased is not a direct successor to require written consent of all the heirs.

* All documents shall be submitted in original as required by the municipal administration!

When the grave was old, must to fee, including - collection of bones and a bag of bones.
Package for funeral

- Administrative services for funeral
- Digging and burying burial site 1/2 / 1.45 cm clean soil
- Hearse
- Entrance fee
- Cooling chamber for 1 day
- Coffin ordinary
- Removing the death certificate
- Save day and time ritual
- Laying of the deceased in a coffin, the coffin arrangement
- Loading and unloading
- Removal of address or hospital to freezer and Cemetery
- Consultations, treatment and processing of documents

Any additional services outside the packages shall be paid according to the price list of FA Karizma Bulgaria!
Funeral agency Karizma