Memorial service

Memorial service - Karizma Funeral Agency

Memorial service - Karizma Funeral Agency
Memorial service

Karizma Funeral Agency Bulgaria offers everything needed for memorial - a memorial service of your loved ones, including the provision of wheat, bread, wine, giving out food, utensils and other funeral goods and attributes, as well as a reconciliation of the grave, obituaries, inscriptions, plaques and more. He has more 20 years experience as a funeral agency.

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What is a requiem?

Memorial service was religious ritual with prayers for the soul of the deceased. It is expressed in the celebration of the memorial service at 3, 9, 40 days and 1 year from the death.

Requiems may be made of birthdays and name days and the designation of special days for the Church.

In those days we honor the Lord of life and death!

Funeral agency "Karizma 2004" organized a memorial service. The price depends on selected services, ritual, location and priest.

To conduct the memorial service needs

- wheat
- bread
- wine
- Catering
- Reconciliation of the burial site - for the 40th day
- Organizing a temple / church

Our funeral agency can help in organizing the memorial service of your choice:
- temple / church
- place of grave
- Urn grave
- Urn cell
- Application of a priest