Memorials - Monumental Services - Funeral Agency Karizma

Memorials - Monumental Services - Funeral Agency Karizma
Monuments, epitaphs, porcelain photos, urn plates forming the graves

Funeral agency Karizma offers all services related to the mourning ritual, including bricklaying services - fabrication and installation of tombstones, urn records, inscriptions on old and new monuments and more. Activity includes the layout of graves, burial sites and urn, urn niches. For making monuments using Bulgarian and imported granite, marble and other materials bricklaying.

Monumental Services

  • monuments - marble, granite, composite monuments
  • porcelain pictures – photo-china photos by digital technology, oval and rectangular with or without board, color, black and white, sepia, colored
  • urn plates
  • epitaphs
  • layout of graves
  • layout urn grave and urn niches
  • planting of graves

Комбинирани паметнициКомбинирани паметници
Комбиниран паметникКомбиниран паметник
Combination marble and graniteCombination marble and granite

Овални порцеланови снимки с и без бордОвални порцеланови снимки с и без борд
Rectangular porcelain tombstone photosRectangular porcelain tombstone photos