Ordinary and luxurious coffins

Funeral agency Karizma offers coffins of plywood, chipboard, MDF, wood, including pine, oak, etc., with prices from 70 to 2400 levs
- ordinary, standard and luxury coffins.
Metal coffin binding in the repatriation of a deceased abroad.

Those of coffins depends on the type of material from which they are made, the size of the different ornamental curtain.

Model 11 А coffin, MDF960 BGN

Model 11 АModel 11 А coffin, MDF Price: 960 BGN

Model 12 coffin, wooden1000 BGN

Model 12Model 12 coffin, wooden Price: 1000 BGN

Model 13 coffin, wooden1200 BGN

Model 13Model 13 coffin, wooden Price: 1200 BGN

Model 13 coffin1200 BGN

Model 13Model 13 coffin Price: 1200 BGN

Model 13 А coffin, wooden1200 BGN

Model 13 АModel 13 А coffin, wooden Price: 1200 BGN

Model 14 coffin, MDF1000 BGN

Model 14Model 14 coffin, MDF Price: 1000 BGN

Model 15 coffin, wooden1350 BGN

Model 15Model 15 coffin, wooden Price: 1350 BGN

Model 16 coffin, MDF1200 BGN

Model 16Model 16 coffin, MDF Price: 1200 BGN

Model 17 coffin, wooden1400 BGN

Model 17Model 17 coffin, wooden Price: 1400 BGN

Model 18 coffin, wooden1500 BGN

Model 18Model 18 coffin, wooden Price: 1500 BGN
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Funeral agency Karizma offers Bulgarian and Italian coffins , simple and luxurious coffins at good prices.